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About Crystal Mountain Spring Water...

Welcome to Crystal Mountain Spring Water. Proudly serving homes and offices in Sussex, Orange and Pike Counties.

We guarantee quality service and the lowest prices. We also provide office coffee service.

Call today and ask about our large selection of water coolers and special discounts.

Services: - 100% Natural Spring Water - 3 & 5 gallon bottles - Water Coolers - Office Coffee Service -

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Simply Pure Water Without the Bottles

This purification system is independently certified to remove the things most people are concerned about in their water.  Chlorine and other harmful chemicals, lead, bad taste, cysts, and odor. 

     This micron purification system has been tested to (NSF42) national sanitation foundation standards.  It is certified for 1,200 gallons which equates to drinking 240 - (5) gallon bottles. 

About Our Water...
Crystal Mountain Springs Water Company has access to three natural springs.  The water flows naturally by gravity to the bottling house.  Water then passes through a three phase purification process including ozone purification and filtration UV light.  After water is bottled, the ozone returns to oxygen returning the water to its original state.  We give our clients the highest quality water possible.

Get fresh, clean bottled water delivered to your home or business.
  1. Bottled Spring Water
    5 gallon Spring Water 3 Gallon Spring Water 5 Gallon Distilled Water 1 Gallon Distilled Water 16.9oz cases
  2. Cooler Rentals
    Hot and Cold Cold Room Temperature Crocks
  3. Bottle-less Coolers
    Coolers with purification systems hooked directly to your water supply
  4. Coffee Services
    Coffee and Brewers available. Free set up and delivery.